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👨‍💻Guide For Developers

If you're anything like me, you hate long drawn-out setup guides! If that sounds like you then you can follow this tutorial and only check out the real setup guide if you actually need to.

Setup The Community

  1. Navigate to the Switch Community page and select Create Community.

  2. Fill out all the fields, and create a unique access code (it doesn't have to be secure).

  3. Press create community, then select a subscription from the dropdown menu.

  4. When the payment process is complete, the community should be active.

  5. Enter the access code under Set Active Community and press Join.

Create Servers

  1. Navigate to the Manage Servers page and select Create Server.

  2. Give the server a name, and provide a webhook for staff action logs if you'd like.

  3. If you choose to use RCON, specify your servers IP, port, and RCON password.

  4. Create the server, and notice the Server Secret now shown on the page.

  5. This secret value will be used later when setting up integration.

Create Staff Permission Groups

  1. Navigate to the Manage Permissions page and select Create Group.

  2. Add the group name, and Discord Role ID if you plan to use Discord role sync.

  3. Toggle all of the permissions that you want each group to have.

  4. Create the group, and repeat for all groups you want!

Add Your Staff

Adding your staff will vary depending on if you want to do it manually, or you want to use our built in Discord-Sync feature which will give them permissions based on their Discord role.

  1. Add our Discord Bot to your community's Discord server.

  2. Use the /link [secret] command to link your Discord to your community.

  3. Make sure you have enabled Discord-Sync in your community settings.

  4. Make sure Discord Role IDs are configured for all your permission groups.

  5. Instruct anyone that needs permissions to connect their Discord account to StaffWatch!

  6. You can also add staff by username on the Manage Staff page to override Discord.

Cool tip! If you want to help your staff members figure out how to join your community and use the panel, you can send them a link to this guide! Just make sure to also provide them your community's access code!

Setup Game Integration

Sadly this step cannot be simplified into one page because setup varies depending on the game you are trying to setup. You can click the link below and select a game to find the setup guide for the game you intent to use!


Additional Configuration

Congratulations!! 🎉 You have successfully setup StaffWatch for your community! While you can stop here there are a couple little things you might want to do to make sure you get the most out of your StaffWatch subscription!

  1. Configure Trust Strictness and Max Temp-Ban Duration in your community settings!

  2. Make sure you setup Discord webhooks so you can have staff actions logged in Discord!

  3. Explore all around the site! There are all kinds of other features that do not require setup but are super awesome! These include our appeal system, our player report system, as well as many other features listed on the front page of our site!

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