Community Settings

Community settings can be hard to understand, so here are some explanations.
  • Navigate to the Manage Community page on the site.
  • Update any community settings you want to change, and click save.
  • A detailed understanding of the community settings can be found below.
Community Name
The name of the community.
Community Identifier
The access code used by staff members to join the community. This code does not give permissions on its own, so it is not a secret.
Trust Strictness
Determines how many percentage points a player's trustscore increases by over time.
Temp Ban Max Duration
The maximum amount of a time a user with the Temporary Ban permission can ban a player for. The unit of time used is hours.
Discord Permissions Sync
Determines whether or not the community uses Discord permissions sync. If disabled, staff must be added manually using the Manage Staff page.
Permissions marked with an asterisk (*) are considered highly dangerous permissions!