Claiming a Player

If the game you are using StaffWatch to moderate supports any sort of in-game panel or chat commands, then you will have to claim a player in the panel.

1. Find your player profile.

In order to find your profile, you will have to already be logged in the player database. This means that you have properly set up the server, and have joined the server with the proper setup. After this point, you should be in the database and you will be able to claim your player profile.

There are three main methods to find your player profile. Firstly, you can open the server dashboard if you are already in-game and you can click on your player name to open your profile. Secondly, you can press the button label "View All Players" on the sidebar and find your profile. Finally, you can use the "Player Lookup" tool on the sidebar to find your account using the name or an identifier (such as steam, xbl, or discord).

2. Claim your profile.

Click on the text titled "Claim Profile" over the section containing the user's identifiers then read and confirm the dialog on-screen.

Not working? If you are a sever owner, you should verify that you have added yourself on the Manage Staff page of the panel. Because of the way the system works, if you do not manually add yourself the panel is unable to connect your account!

3. Test your access.

The identifiers pane should now show your username as the staff member claiming this user. If it looks right, then you can head into the game and test your permissions!

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