Manage Subscriptions

StaffWatch subscriptions are managed through Stripe, however, you can use StaffWatch to navigate to the payment management page.

Note: Subscriptions apply to an individual community and do not apply to all of the communities on a user's account. You will need a separate subscription for each community you plan to run.

To create a new subscription, or manage an existing one, simply select Switch Community in the sidebar or select Payments in navigation menu at the top left.

New Subscriptions

When you create a new community, or when one of your subscriptions is cancelled, the community will display an X to indicate it is not active, and a dropdown box with multiple subscription options is shown. To purchase a new subscription, click on the box to view all options, select the option you want to purchase, and click subscribe. For details about pricing plans, click here.

Current Subscriptions

If you already have an existing StaffWatch subscription, you can click the button titled Manage Subscription to view or modify your current subscription.

This will bring you to the Stripe dashboard, where you can view important information about your subscription, as well as modify your plan. You can change your payment method, update your billing email, and update or cancel your plan.

  • To change your payment method, select Add Payment Method and enter the new details. After setting this new method as default, you can remove the old card.

  • To change your billing email, select Update Information and write the new email you want to attach to your account. If you wish to email StaffWatch support about your subscription, you will need to have access to this email.

  • To change your current plan (upgrade to a higher-tier plan, or downgrade to a lower one) you can select Update Plan in the top-right. When upgrading your plan, you will just pay the prorated difference for the rest of the month. When downgrading, the action will take effect at the end of the current billing period.

  • To cancel your plan, select Cancel Plan and confirm in the following dialog. Your community will continue to be active until the end of the billing period.

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