Discord Permissions

Setup StaffWatch to use your Discord permissions group to automatically configure staff permissions on the panel!

Add the Discord Bot

  1. Click here or use the link below to add the bot to your Discord server. https://discord.com/api/oauth2/authorize?client_id=911724556903936081&permissions=8&scope=applications.commands%20bot

  2. Locate and copy the secret from any server in your StaffWatch community.

  3. Go back to Discord and use the /link [secret] command with the secret you just copied.

  4. If done properly, the bot will now be linked to your community!

Configure Your Permission Groups

  1. Visit the Manage Permissions page on StaffWatch.

  2. Edit every permissions group and paste the corresponding role id.

Enable Discord Sync

  1. Visit the Manage Community page on StaffWatch.

  2. Under Discord Permissions Sync select Use Discord Sync.

  3. Permissions should automatically sync in 1-2 minutes 🎉🎉

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